Vulpine Designs

Freedom of Form: An Evolution Revolution

Vulpine Designs is a genetic biodesign systems and support company, with a strong ethos of Freedom of Form as a driver for the development of healthcare solutions which liberate people from chronic and terminal conditions.
We see DNA as the code in which our software is written. It can only try to debug itself slowly. We can use the power of computers to speed that up, and cause an Evolution Revolution by doing so.

"You are going to make a lot of people very happy."

Not just treatments, but CURES are our goal.

When you develop a system for simulating the entire body from the genes to the jeans, and capable of making any genetic edits you design a reality, you don't just facilitate repeat prescriptions of side-effect-riddled drugs. You go after the root cause.

When the founder began to explain his ideas to others, the most frequently heard positive response was "you are going to make a lot of people very happy". To be clear, we know that we as a company can't cure everybody. But we can give everybody the means to cure themselves.

No one but you should have ultimate power over your genetic health.

You need an intuitive way to make smart decisions about your own body, your own genes and what they do. You need the power of the world's scientific collective efforts at your fingertips, in a system designed from the ground up to give you the means to debug your own code, to write yourself.

Doctors should facilitate this.

If the Hippocratic Oath is to be truly upheld, doctors will develop and verify cures and share them through our peer to peer platform. To prevent further harm from a genetic problem, the solution is genetic in nature.

Less Than Three Hundred Cell Types

Elegant Code

Simulating the whole body may sound daunting. But to quote Roy Reed, "How do you eat an elephant? Chop it into little pieces!" We certainly do not condone the consumption of endangered animals. But he had a point with the metaphor: no task is too big to be divided into smaller, more manageable parts, hence we have designed 25 modules for the GUESS.

Then we think 'elegantly': how to make the most efficient use of our code. Hundreds of trillions of cells don't need to be individually processed in full if their parameters are all based on a product of their DNA (which is the same as all other cells of their type) and the cells around them. Since there are less than 300 cell types in the body, all we have to do is work out the ways in which each combination of these would interact at their boundaries and on receipt of hormones. It's still a powerful computing problem, but we've reduced its computational need to something a bit more manageable.

Connecting the dots

We connect the dots inside the body by connecting the datasets together from the internet. So many vast collections of bioinformatic information are now available, the real task is in handling it all. We will use standardisation techniques and pull together disparate data from many sources automatically to provide accurate biological information in your genetics tools.

Molecular Bioprinting

Depositing your new genetic edits layer by layer, molecule by molecule, with high precision and accuracy. We can make that possible with off-the-shelf components, just as the RepRap did for 3D printing.

We will sell kits and make plans available online so everyone can have the hardware they need.

Rocket Science

To deliver complex gene-editing payloads into the body, we will design vectors which borrow inspiration from far larger devices for delivery of world-changing ideas into new places. Some ideas about how we can get to the Moon or Mars are applicable to getting to the Nucleus too.


Through working together, we can turn the disjointed bioinformatic ecosystem and pharmaceutical paradigm feeding science of the past, into the distributed, peer to peer, open source blockchain full of gene edits which can truly democratise healthcare for the future. No more chronic autoimmune disorders without a cure. No more cancers needing chemotherapy or radiation treatment. If we all work together, we can solve these problems and many more. We can evolve.

Open Sourcery

Creating an open source system opens the door to community based bugfixing and a legacy which lasts beyond the scope of our company and its capabilities. We know that it is through collaboration without borders that we can achieve the greatest results. We know that people should have the right to download life saving software systems on an equal basis, not restricted by price. We use the GNU GPL, we make no promises about our software but to present to you here our dreams of what it can and will become with the right effort put in by everyone.

Our Solutions

Autoimmunity Templates

Take some yeast, some gene editing tools, the Alpha and Beta cells of the Islets of Langerhans and some immune cells. With these, in a lab, we can make a personalised diagnostic and gene therapy kit which directly identifies the necessary gene-edits to make in order to rectify an autoimmune disorder - in this case Type 1 Diabetes is the example, but this could be applied to Crohn's, Grave's and Hashimoto's diseases, Eczema and Asthma, and so on.

Making a Good GUESS

Intuitive, modular, holistic, secure, interdisciplinary and efficient. These are all things our software needs to be. With 25 modules, most if not all of which will be useful to academia and research scientists as standalones before the rest are completed and can be unified into one grand system. This will be the way we conquer our evolutionary fate and write our own futures. For every genetic issue, a customised solution will be possible. Every cure, a combination of edits, simulation and a vector (known together as a 'molecure') away. Every PC is a potential genetic and bioinformatics laboratory in the making.


A 'print' button for the means to make a new you take the leap from simulation to your body, and the printer that will do it.


Unbiased availability of cryptographically verified molecures (vectors, genetic edits and simulation info) through a blockchain based platform.

What we want to change is the experience of life itself for everyone who needs it. We will advocate moral and safe use of our system, but not prevent it from getting to where it is needed. We believe that people deserve Freedom of Form, which is achieved by creating an evolution revolution without limit.